Chargers News · Thank You Powers Football Parents, Team Meals Second to None

The 2018 Varsity Football players and coaches want to send out sincere thanks for the overwhelming support given by everyone who has stepped up to deliver and provide the delicious TEAM meals throughout the season. We are now in Week 11 and the players and coaches never take the meals for granted. We are humbled and grateful for all we have received.

These words of appreciation, of course, are long overdue, but the November 1st meal was special: Frankenmuth chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, butter noodles, and green beans; Gatorade, chocolate milk, & water galore; biscuts, cheese cake and Donna’s donuts; a special order of catfish for the coaches. Oh, my goodness! It was and has been very generous and thoughtful each and every week.

We are certainly fueled for success.  The youngsters can handle the volume, but I know one coach who needs a 16-hour fast!

God bless and Go Chargers!