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Baseball bunch: we never even completed team selections and now we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation due to the coronavirus. This has taken a toll on the entire nation and certainly the sports world is no exception.

Hopefully, we can resume practice in a few weeks and have a season. If you intend to play, you are urged to train on your own. The three practices we held before this interruption of try-outs were filled with fundamentals that can be repeated on an individual basis.

Here are a few suggestions to create a routine that works for you:

1) do footwork drills
2) swing a bat
3) play catch or find a wall to throw against (maintain & build arm strength)
4) use that wall to field ground balls
5) if you and a partner are healthy, work together
6) run 20-30 yard sprints
7) do body weight strength exercises (push-ups, air squats, core work, planks, tubing exercises, etc.)
8) maintain flexibility
9) stay hydrated, eat nutritiously, and get proper rest
10) pray and meditate–and stay in touch with your teammates thru text & phone

Be good to yourself, baseball bunch. I will be in touch–Coach Dutkowski & Baseball Staff