Chargers News · Parent Meeting Notes

Here are some key points that were talked about in the parent meeting last night. If you have any questions please email either Jenifer Freel at or Mike Watson at


  • Office – My Office location has been on the second floor across from the Athletic/Attendance Office. It has now moved to the third floor of the main entrance of the building at the top of the stairs.
  •  Communication – is a big issue these days. If your students have issues, please encourage your student-athletes to engage in discussion with their coaches In this day of technology, we lean on texting as an appropriate way of communication. We have gotten away from creating dialogue with our students. So please encourage open discussion. If that is not successful in resolving an issue I as the athletic director would be the next line of communication to resolve issues. You should not be going directly to our school principal because they are only going to come to me for resolutions.
  • 24 hour rule – With regards to talking to coaches about any issues. Take 24 hours before approaching a situation to think things through. Students, parents and coaches are all human. Try to remove instant emotion. Schedule a time to discuss what’s on your mind.
  • Locker Rooms – Due to Covid – 19 / New Locker room policies per fall sports team are posted on our athletic department website. All fall sport coaches have them as well for the first three weeks of school once the school day is completed. We need to limit the number of students in locker rooms and they must be masked and keep a proper social distance

           Phase #4 of the governor’s plan for regions 1 – 5 which includes Mid – Michigan currently allows outdoor (100 people) and indoor limits of (10 people) gathered.


  •  Concessions – (Depending on Spectators/ currently there will be NO Concessions at Athletic Events.


  • Student – ID’s – If at any point and time we do have spectators allowed beyond the current Phase #4 limits students, can get into athletic events at no charge on their student – ID’s.


  • According to the MHSAA, currently in the Governors Phase #4 plan all players, coaches, officials and game personnel count in the outdoor or indoor limitations.


Obviously, everyone knows the sport of football has been pushed back to the spring. The scheduled start date for football is March 1st, and we are looking at a shortened regular season. Football is allowed 16 Practice dates (Helmets Only) between now and October 31st. Coach Todd has elected to begin our 16 day workouts in October.

Currently the sports of Cross Country/Girls Golf & Boys Tennis are all deemed low risk contact sports and are all moving ahead as planned with their schedules and plans.

  1. The Saginaw Valley League is making strong recommendations (not mandates) that each of these three sports only allow two spectators per student to attend races and matches this fall masked and social distanced.
  2. In the sports of Boys’ Soccer, Girls Swimming and Volleyball the MHSAA has clearly stated they need assistance from the Governors. Office especially when it comes to indoor facilities. – Good news – There is a general thought that there will be some sort of announcement this week from the Governor’s Office on indoor facilities. Bad news – if there is not an announcement, the MHSAA will move forward by the end of the week and make some seasonal decisions on Soccer, Swimming & Diving and Volleyball.
  3. The sports of sideline cheer and Dance Team have been suspended for the fall.
     Covid-19 Policies

    Athletes and Coaches will complete a COVID-19 Screening form prior to practice and competition.

    This COVID-19 form may be filled on a laptop, phone or tablet.

    Any positive symptoms will require the athlete or coach to quarantine and contact their primary care provider or other health care professional.

    Positive symptoms include: sore throat, fever, coughing, shortness of breath not associated with asthma, and if you have had close contact or care with someone with or suspected of COVID-19.

    A positive symptom results in a mandatory 14 day quarantine period.

    Face Covering:
    Face covering are to be strictly followed unless the athlete is swimming, distance running, perform high intensity anaerobic exercise or due to high temperature weather.

    Water will not be provided to the athletes. Its important athletes bring their enough water for practice and competition days.

    Athletes and coaches are not permitted to share water, food, clothing, towels, or any other equipment.

    It’s important that the athletes comes in a clean clothes. After practice and competition, it’s important that the athlete dispose of clothes and take a shower.

    Athletic Trainer Care

    Athletes will continue to receive medical treatment from the Athletic with extreme caution.


    Any athlete suspected of a concussion will be removed from the game and evaluated by the Head Athletic Trainer.

    Parents/ Guardians will be notified immediately if a concussion is suspected.

    Athletes will not be able to drive their self home if a concussion is suspected, and must have transportation home.

    Sign & symptoms may of concussion may include headache, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, blurry vision, sensitivity to light and or noise, memory problems, poor concentration & etc.

    Sign & symptoms of a concussion may not appear for hours or days after a incident.

    The athletic trainer may not diagnose the athlete with a concussion, which is why it’s important the athlete see their primary care provider or other health care professional.

    To school requires a gradual return to play process and medical clearance from their primary care provider or health care professional to return to competition.

    Parents will be givin concussion information, and mhsaa post concussion consent form( must be signed by health care professional or health care provider) if a concussion is suspected.